July 25, 2006 - Miller Park

Bernie's Slide Show

I had always heard that tailgaiting was invented in Milwaukee so I felt I should witness it myself and check out a Brewers game. My compainions Nina, Sherrie, and Judy were up for it so we snagged tickets for a nightgame. I was awed at the vast numbers of partygoers in the parking lot. In New York it's mostly reserved for football games, but this weeknight baseball game put us to shame.

There were also many large groups of fans wearing their own homemade theme outfits throughout the park. The game was fun and the food was even better. I was also impressed with the many historic baseball elements in the ballpark.

The stadium was extremely nice and seemingly in the middle of nowhere which was odd. I was struck again at the strange similarities in architechture the stadium had with other buildings in town that had no relation to the surrounding area. These buildings seem to have moving wing-like elements right out of a fifties comic book.