July 25, 2006 - Milwaukee

Scene One: Enter Wisconsin

Even before I headed out to Chicago I had plans of taking a trip to Milwaukee because I had never been to the Midwest and it appeared pretty close on the map. Hank Arron, Miller beer, Sausages, & Harley Davidson summed up my total knowledge of the town, but hey, that's not bad. From the moment I arrived I was surprised at the odd juxtapositions that weaved it's way through the city.

Theres an odd mixture of extremely modern architecture paired with flat, empty landscapes as well as the remains of a few late nineteenth century buildings. Sparce is a word that comes to mind, with a few areas of modern development scattered almost randomly. I had never been so aware of how man-made the buildings and roads were before in any other location.

The people of Milwaukee seemed to be alien to the landscape. I really enjoyed their company. It was refreshing to be around people that were so laid back and approachable (especially my host Judy and her husband who were terrific.)