Ottawa (eh)

The big city with a little town feel.

Ottawa feels like a little town that grew up into a big city. It has a terrific small town feel with all the benefits of the urban environment. Like all small towns it has a truly eclectic personality in part to the diverse cultures that run throughout the city. For a seasoned traveler this is always a great sign because it usually means great food, great fun, and great art and Ottawa doesn't disappoint.

I like Canadians (and not just because Michael Moore told me to). I like them because they are genuine, friendly, smart, and usually pretty well grounded. I mean look at all the creative people that Canada has given us: Neil Young, Frank Gehry, Leonard Cohen, and The Band to name a few (let’s not forget Saturday Night Live as well).

The city is unlike any place I have been in its dichotomy: old and new, French and English, green landscapes and concrete sidewalks. There are castles across the street from brand new industrial buildings.