Puerto Rico

Another Pina Colada in Old San Juan.

The city of Old San Juan is the spiritual the heart of Puerto Rico. It's flanked by two ancient Spanish forts, lined with brilliant historic buildings on narrow purple cobblestone streets, and enclosed with an old stone wall overlooking the ocean. It is truly as diverse as the country it represents -filled with an eclectic array of brightly colored homes, shops, and restaurants ranging in age, architecture, and style.

It is also the birthplace of the Pina Colada, one of my favorite drinks and I recommend stopping by the Barrachina for a free sample. The gallery and restaurant was created from an older house and has an amazing open courtyard with plants, fountains, and a terrific bar. The food in Puerto Rico is close to my heart. There are excellent tapas bars and great fusion eateries throughout the city. The two forts are a step through time (El Morro is the preferred choice if you don't have time for both).