Puerto Rico

The un super-smiley adult presidental-weekend getaway.

Along the edge of El Morro there is a historic graveyard that has above-ground graves in concrete right on the ocean which is a pretty nice eternal rest if you ask me. It underscores the true beauty of Puerto Rico which is its authenticity. It's not the man-made super-smile adult presidential-weekend getaway that some of the other islands have become, it has personality.

The beaches are also special, although in San Juan the waves can get pretty hairy on occasion. The water on the eastern edge of the island was a bit milder and there are also a few lagoons with bioluminescent dinoflagellates (plankton) that light up when you move in the water. I have to say it was a magical experience kayaking thought the inlet lined with mangrove trees at night in Fajardo to reach the glowing grand lagoon.