Tokyo, Japan

Bustling and crowded

From the moment I stepped off the bullet train in Tokyo it was obvious that this city was far different from any other place I'd yet seen in Japan. It had an urban comfort to it after living in Manhattan for a few years but at time the crowds put even New York City to shame. The subways were always filled and every head was immersed in manga or looking down at the floor and the city itself seemed to go on forever with different neighborhoods in the style of Toronto or Los Angeles.

I was excited to finally see the most modern city in Japan but getting my mind around what the city was really about was a bit more difficult than expected. I began my visit by heading up to the top of Mori Tower in the Roppongi Hills neighborhood where I was staying to take a look out at the city and try to visually map out where everything was. The view was beautiful and reminded me of "Lost in Translation" which I had viewed as homework before my trip and the buildings spread out in every direction as the sun set making for a fantastic moment.