Toronto the end

Walt Disneyland on acid

After two days of visiting tourist attractions in Toronto I was beginning to find what I was looking for, the regular neighborhoods and funky alternative sections. I rented a car in order to visit Niagara falls (because hey, how often do you get up this far north)? Niagara was a bizarrotown. It's like Walt Disneyland on acid. It's been a tourist destination for so long that you get that strange 1950s revamped tourist ghost town vibes everywhere you go. The waterfall itself was pretty fascinating, but the city itself was like a Simpson's send up of tourist traps (and I was on the good side).

Having the car let me get perspective on the city and I found a bunch of great little mini-neighborhoods that were fantastic. There's the old rediscovered Distillery, the hip entertainment section, and the great little family restaurants around the University. These are the areas that I have come to know as Toronto. The trek down Yonge Street every night was fun because the city is very metropolitan and stays open later than most. There is also a great deal of good contemporary art going on which is exciting.