Toronto the begining

Powerfree freedom

Let me first mention Toronto was a gift. A 30th birthday present. Best present ever!

Okay, now I can't believe I actually made it to Toronto. I was traveling from Maine and was stuck in Portland airport for hours due to fog. I eventually caught a plane with only a two hour window to make the flight to Toronto from N.Y., it was anxious. When we arrived in Toronto the city was without power so we couldn't check into our hotel. When I say I might have killed for a shower and a bed I'm kidding, but only a little because man I was beat.

So, needless to say coming into Toronto was abrupt and messy, additionally it was such a contrast from quiet, scenic Maine that my eyes were bleeding. But only for a day or two because Toronto is pretty fabulous in it's own right. You just have to find the real city hidden in the various eclectic, confusing neighborhoods that they call a city. It's a bit like Los Angeles in that it is a city stretched out, but it's like an LA that was invaded by Europeans who thought they were going to New York. I felt a bit like I was on a Kubrick set sometimes because everything was so damn clean and organized and I come from New York (Toronto was formerly the city of York- odd). But the city has quite a bit of charm if you look around a bit.

I started of by visiting the CN tower because, well because I could see it everywhere I went and figured, okay. Sure it's just an enormous tower, but it had a glass floor which was a party. Not just for me but it was fun watching the fellow tourists with their kids shouting wow in various strange languages.