Smithtown School District Workshop - Websites: Content & Design
Workshop Goals
  • Every educator will create (or update) a class website
  • Educators will review website basics and learn cutting-edge website technology
Long Term Departmental Goals
  • Future website training will be offered
  • Every educator will maintain and update their websites
  • Educators will collaborate on a district-wide Art Department website
Part I: Content

Web Preparation: 8 Consistent Elements:

  • Title & School Name
  • Class Description
  • Menu Location
  • Teacher Bio & Contact
  • Art Gallery
  • Project Descriptions
  • Links & Resources
  • NYS Art Standards


Additional Elements:

  • Calendars
  • News
  • Handouts
  • Assignments
  • Additional Classes
  • Lessons
  • Blogs




Managing Images:

Images need to be prepared before they can be posted to a website. This preparation can be done in a number of different programs (Adobe, Microsoft, Apple). Below are the basic rules that one should follow when preparing your images.

- All images should have a 72 dpi resolution in a web friendly format (such as a JPEG)

- Actual image size should be no larger than 31/2x5 inches for gallery images

- All images should be titled without spaces for easy website organization (Ceramics4 or page1gallerypic3)

- Images should be the same height for easy gallery management

- All artwork should be adjusted with levels, contrast, color, et.

- All images should be organized in clearly labeled folders (both in website & backup drive)


Media Literacy & Useful Media Tools

Part II: Design
Page Examples
Nick Gallucci (SHSE) Tim Needles (SHSE)

Technical Resources

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