Japan Society - Technology and Social Media in the Classroom, November 2011

Workshop Goals
  • Every educator will create a viable social media based lesson concept
  • Educators will learn about the basics and learn cutting-edge website technology

Part I: Content & Technology

Basics of using social media to connect classrooms

  • Mix the media
  • Content is key
  • Short increments are more valuable than long increments
  • Small steps are less overwhelming
  • Always keep the goals realistic
  • Very clear expectations and clear instructions

Technical Resources

Art & Design Resources

Japanese Resources

Motivational Resources



My School Blogs:


Tech Programs For Classes:

  • Websites & Blogs
  • Skype
  • Twitter & Facebook
  • Art, Theater, Photography, & Video
  • Writing

Part II: Japan as a gateway to teaching Art & Design

Kyoto Honshu Tokyo Lessons