Kyoto, Japan

Hagememash Day

My first days in Kyoto were dedicated to visiting a number of ancient shrines such as the unforgettable climb up Fushimi Inari shrine just outside of Kyoto which may have given me my first heart attack but each day I'd travel through the train station and attempt to interact with the everyday people of Kyoto and I really grew to love the people.  The people in turn loved me back something special and I felt a bit like Brad Pitt at times after being approached by so many people (I always thought I had that Brad Pitt look- you know if Brad Pitt ate 3 other Brad Pitts that is).

Kyoto had some strange monuments to see, the strangest might be Hideyoshi's Ear Mound (center right) which is an actual pile of hundreds of pickled ears carried back from war in Korea and to make a strange monument stranger it can be found alongside a children’s park. How do you know you're in a foreign country? When you go to visit a pile of pickled ears..