Ottawa (eh)

My first Beavertail.

What kind of beaver tail would you like? It's a question I haven't heard before but when in doubt answer classic and you can't go wrong.

Last night I partook in my first experience with some classic Canadian fare with direction from some of the local educators I have been working with. They didn't steer me wrong, the beavertail was delicious (it's a fried dough dessert in the shape of a tail covered with sugar, cinnamon, syrup, cheese, or chocolate). I also tried another local favorite Poutine which is French fries covered in cheese curd with gravy (I added a Canada Dry to keep with the theme). I may have to walk back to New York to burn off the calories but it was well worth it.

The sights and culinary diversity of Ottawa offer a great deal of fun (you can tell it must be freezing here most of the time because all of the local food is made for deep fried comfort). I've also been learning my Canadian history every night at the light and media show that is projected onto the Parliament building. By the end of the week I should know the Canadian national anthem by heart and all my hockey friends at home will be proud.